Valentine’s Day Murder Mystery

Jan 10, 2022

‘Til Death Do We Part: You are cordially invited to a Valentine’s Day Party. Will there be love or murder in the air?

A wine tasting with your lover. Delicious appetizers. The mood is right ……for MURDER!

Spring is coming and that means Valentine’s Day. Get your sweetheart the gift they REALLY want, a night of wine tasting with their sweetheart, and two hours of sleuthing at Potter Wines! You have been invited to a very special event thrown by Hanna and Harry Heart – high school sweethearts and legends in the town of Amorville.

Tickets are on sale NOW! Get your tickets and costume suggestions will be emailed to you in advance. Participants will receive their details 7 days prior to the big night, with your character name, background, and any other important information.

Is your partner tired of the traditional? Chocolates and flowers have them rollin their eyes for something with a bit more, HANDS-ON action? Get your tickets for $40 and mark your calendar for Friday, February 11, 2022 at the Potter Wines Wine Tasting Room!

Tickets available HERE

Each ticket includes:

-One glass of wine or beer*


-Two hours of fun, excitement and surprises

-A host to lead you down a path of mystery, clues and suspense