The Lie Detector Merlot

Lie Detector Merlot - back
The Lie Detector
Lie Detector Merlot - back
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ML: 750ml

ABV: 14.4

Introducing: The Lie Detector 2019 Merlot 🍷
The lie detector was invented in July of 1921 and has prompted much speculation since about the test-taker’s ability to fool it. We celebrate the 100-year birthday of the machine with the release of this deceptive 2019 Merlot.
A nose of unfaltering graphite and traces of pure vanilla eases you in before changing its tune with the taste of red berries and black olives. The Lie Detector’s dynamic flavors and lively mouthfeel get the blood pumping as you try to anticipate what’s next.
This wine is best consumed with a poker face or in the company of those you trust, for you never know when a confession will be divulged.
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