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Idaho Wine

Idaho Wine

Potter Wines, continuing a rich legacy of wines crafted in Idaho State

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What makes Idaho Wine so Great?

Why this Northwest wine region should not be ignored!

When people think of Idaho’s agricultural industry, they always think the same thing – POTATOES. We love potatoes as much as the next person with an appetite, but that’s not why we’re here. It’s the wine!

Like I’m sure you weren’t aware that the first vineyard in the Pacific Northwest was planted here in Idaho in the 1860’s. Prohibition saw an end to vineyards and wineries all across the country, including here in Idaho, but there was a great resurgence in the 1970’s.

In much of Idaho, the climate is similar to that of Eastern Washington, which is fairly well known for it’s award-winning wines. As winter’s become more mild, and an average altitude of 1,800-2,500 feet, Southern Idaho is an ideal region to grow the grapes needed for delicious vintages. Specifically white varietals like Riesling (including Ice wine), Chenin blanc, Chardonnay (Liquid Lunch) and Gewürztraminer. In recent years there have been an increased focus on red wine productions, notably Cabernet Sauvignon (The Minx), Merlot (The Farley), and Syrah (Swanky Devil). In fact, grapes is Idaho’s fastest growing agricultural industry.

Potter Wines Grapes

Idaho is currently home to over 50 wineries, and 1,200 acres of vineyards. Driving along the Snake River going from Oregon to Idaho, you’ll see the landscape patch-worked with vineyards from the Snake River Valley AVA.

Idaho wine can be scarce outside the local area of it’s wineries. Only 30% of the wine ever makes it out of Idaho. So the best, and most rewarding, way to taste these beautiful varietals of Idaho’s distinctive wines is to plan a visit to the winery tasting rooms themselves. And of course many of the wineries, like Potter Wines, offer wines to sell on-line to select states.

Beyond delicious whites and award winning reds, Potter Wines has something that only a small handful of wineries across the country have dared to craft – Jalapeno Wine! Potter Wines Jalapeno wine is what put them on the map, then people realized their other wines were worth noting too. Having won several awards at wine competitions across the Northwest, they are not to miss. But it all comes back to their flagship bottle – Jalapeno Wine. Potter’s own Von Potter was inspired by a bad dream, and here we are today!

Come in for a wine tasting of our current labels, and sample our always available Jalepeno wine. We also like to experiment with other flavor combinations like Chipotle, Pineapple, and Lemonade. In fact, during the summer’s farmer’s market we have a hard time keeping our Jalapeno Wine Lemonade in stock. It is a local favorite!

S0 come visit our Potter Wines Boise Wine Tasting Room and Winery. We are located in the middle Boise in Garden City near the Boise River!

A handful of small producers have gone urban, clustering in Garden City, only a few minutes walk and hop across the bridge from downtown Boise. Ditch the car and walk, jog or bike winery to winery along the Garden City stretch of the Greenbelt, a paved pathway along the Boise River. Often the owner/winemaker is on site; ask questions.


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Wine tasting Potter Wines

Wine Tasting at Potter Wines

Wine Tasting at Potter Wines Winery and Tasting Room starts at just $5! Stop in anytime we’re open, or schedule your next special event with us. 

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