Bold Wines and Bold Wineries

Jun 12, 2022

Wine is an Adventure – Looking for bold wines?

It’s not doubt that wine is having a moment. Just browse any wine isle to see the trendy and unique labels all competing in a parade of amazing artwork vying for to catch your attention.

But labels aren’t the only part of the industry getting bolder – so are the recipes!

Bold Wines

Bold Wines

Unique Wineries and Varietals

It is one joy in life to make wine your living, but it is whole new level to be recognized for creating a truly unique wine that people want to talk about!

Most of you know the story of our very own Von Potter’s striking with genius when he followed his whimsy and concocted our flagship Jalapeno Wine! Now an entire line-up of interesting choices like Jalapeno Wine Chipotle and Jalapeno Wine Lemonade.

We had a chance to talk to our friends an binwise about ground breaking combination. Have you heard of coffee wine? Rose Wine? Not to be confused with Rose’ – this is a wine with actual flavors of roses.

Plus a few wineries around the world with some truly unique features.

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