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in Boise, Idaho.

There are SO MANY amazing Boise Wineries throughout the city and the whole Treasure Valley. We are extrememly blessed to have a vinyards in Idaho that grow amazing grapes so they’re locally procured. So when you see the title “Local Wine”, you know it’s truly local. 

Potter Wines gets grapes locally, and our winery located in Garden City near the Boise River and Boise Fairgrounds, crafts our wines right in the back of our tasting room! 

But that’s not what makes us REALLY special. We are the only Boise Winery that creates Jalapeño Wine. It’s great for sipping, great for mixing, but even better for cooking! Just check out our recipes page for your next dinner idea.

Urban Winery

What IS an urban winery?

Well, just like breweries have been popping up in urban neighborhoods, so have wineries.

Wineries have traditionally been located near their vinyards out in the coutry-side. When most people would talk about a winery, they might envision a weekend drive out to the hills for an afternoon of tastings and tapas.

But not anymore! An urban winery is a winery that is located, well, urban…or in the city. Potter Wines is an Urban Winery, centerally located in Boise Idaho, along Chinden Blvd. Which if you haven’t noticed, is starting to become quite the hip brew and wine hot spot!

Boise Wine Tasting

If you’re in the Boise area and want to go wine tasting, you won’t be hard pressed for a great day with a variety of amazing local wines. But don’t forget to come to Potter Wines Winery and Tasting Room for our one-of-a-kind Jalapeño Wines.

Start with our flagship Jalapeño Wine that started it all. Then move onto the Jalapeño Chipotle. But you’re really in for a treat when you get to the Jalapeño Wine Lemonade. This is one of our most popular wines. We have a hard time keeping it in stock at the Farmer’s Markets during the hot Boise Summers. It never lasts long at parties. It’s great, and you’re gonna love it. While the other Jalapeño Wines are nice to try and sip, this one deserve a big gulp!

A little kick not in your cards? Potter Wines has several traditional award winning wines to try. Last years’s Swanky Devil Syrah not only award-winning, but was as delicious as he was handsome! And our Liquid Lunch Chardonay was the perfect refreshing white; crisp and light. 

We’ve even got drinks (the non-alcoholic kind) for you kiddos! That’s right, the Potter Wines Tasting Room is kid friendly! (unless there is a 21+ event going on, so check our events schedule).

Boise Winery & Tasting Room

Boise Winery & Tasting Room

5286 W Chinden Blvd
Garden City, Idaho 83714

Potter’s Tasting Room


5286 W Chinden Blvd
Garden City, Idaho 83714