Art Show at Potter Wines Garden City Winery and Tasting Room Dec 14 ’19

Dec 14, 2019

We are very artsy and refined here at the Potter Wines Tasting Room. And what is more refined and artsy than portraits of your favorite characters from Star Trek and Harry Potter?

This is becoming an annual event, every December! We are having an art show featuring local artist, Casey Andrews, and her delightfully geeky, yet traditional styled portrait paintings. These beautiful depictions of some your favorite sci-fi and fantasy characters, will be up for display TOMORROW, December 14th. There will also be prints for sale. These make AMAZING gifts, **wink wink**, for the hard to shop for trekkie in your life.

Casey is a Digital Painter. “What’s a digital painter?” you ask? Let’s explain her technique a bit.

Digital painting is similar to traditional painting, in that the artist uses strokes of color to create the final image. But instead of the paint being wet and gooey, it is computerized. Casey specifically uses a Cyntiq monitor and stylus, where she brushes directly on the screen. Within the program she selects her paint, color, opacity, brush style, etc. In addition, Casey has a unique style that seems to be a bit different than other digital artist go about things. She starts with a completely black screen, and then instead of applying color on top, she erases AWAY the dark, to reveal a black and white under-painting. Then color can be applied both above and below this black etched layer. Here are a screen shots from early in the process –

Casey has had shows in Idaho and Washington. She also accepts commissions for specific work, like this painting of the handsome duo – Picard and Q – (and the final product of the under painting shown above).

You can see more of her work here –

You can buy prints from you Etsy store, or contact her directly at