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Garden City Winery
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The Garden City Wine Scene

A special thing is happening in Idaho right now. All over the state, people are coming together with a mind to produce some truly excellent wine. There are vineyards in almost every corner of the state churning out some incredible grapes that are sent to some industrious wineries to become delicious wine and many of the best examples are the wineries in Boise, and Garden City, Idaho. You do not have to go far in the Treasure Valley to find a winery that has something that fits your tastes or interests. Right at the heart of Garden City is one such place, Potter Wines, and it is open to you for a magnificent tasting experience.

Start your wine tasting here!

Here at Potter Wines tasting room it’s your opportunity to get a taste of some of the excellence that our Garden City winery has to offer. For most of the afternoon on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday you can get in to sip on something special.

We offer a seasonal selection of vintages and award winning wines. Com ein to see what our wine maker has lined up!

But what sets us at Potter Wines apart from all of the other excellent wineries in Garden City? It is hard to say that there aren’t any other wineries in the Treasure Valley that are brilliantly good, but Potter Wines has something that all the others lack, and that would be the specialty Jalapeño Wines. “That doesn’t make any sense,” you say. “How could jalapeño wine be any good?” It just…is.

The sweetness of the wine is paired with a zing from the jalapeño and you are left with a wine that is great for both sipping and cooking. You can really get a feel for it in our bright and art-deco inspired wine tasting room and find out for yourself just how well the combination comes together. This isn’t some novelty wine that will entertain you for one sip and then you’re back to a classic chardonnay. This is a wine that you are going to want to add to your weekly routine. Then, if the full-blown Jalapeño Wine is just a little too spicy for you, you should also give the Chipotle Jalapeño Wine a try to get a different experience. Then there is our most popular wine, the Jalapeño Wine Lemonade, if you want a mixture of sweet, spicy, and savory that will have you leaning back and bellowing out at contented “Ahhhh!”

While Jalapeño Wine was our flagship product, it’s not the only delicious wine we have to offer. Not only do the Jalapeño Wines give Potter Wines something unique and exciting, but the more traditional wines we offer are beautifully bold and delicious. You can have a try of  our The Red or the Liquid Lunch Chardonnay, and our award winning Swanky Devil. The pièce de résistance of Potter Wines has to be Jalapeño Wine but there is certainly no slouching when it comes to the vintages that the whole world has come to know and love.

And as proof that we are in no way slacking off, we at Potter Wines have done an excellent job of racking up victories at different award events across the state of Idaho and the rest of the country. That’s right, not only do we produce something that every wine-lover in Boise and Garden City can enjoy, but there are judges and experts all over the country that know their stuff. We took away a Double Gold while competing in the Cascadia Wine Competition, climbed our way to first place at the Western Idaho Fair, got the 2017 Judge’s Pick for Sip Northwest, and beat out everyone else for the Savor Northwest Wine Award. Idaho is starting to become well-known for its wines and Potter Wines is one of the reasons why. If you want to try something that is both beloved by the residents of Boise and Garden City and recognized on a national level, Potter Wines has some unique and amazing choices for you. Jump on up to a wine tasting and give that Jalapeño Wine a try. You won’t be sorry!