Potter Wines

About Us

The Potter Wines Story

Potter Wines is our winery located in Boise, Idaho. Von is the winemaker, the scientist, the handyman and trouble-shooter. Crystal is the organizer, the marketer, the taster and business manager.

Years ago, jalapeno wine was Von’s brainchild. So we began our business journey with a vision of a wine that would raise eyebrows, pep-up palettes and make meals sizzle. Fast forward to present day, where jalapeno wine has become a kitchen staple for many.

Our wines have made people re-think the average margarita and recreate homemade ice cream recipes. We like to think of our customers as risk takers, decision makers, rule breakers, cocktail shakers and chipotle chocolate cake bakers. We are thrilled to share our crazy idea with others and we hope that it will inspire you to create and explore your own wild dreams.

Whether we are making Syrah, Riesling, or concocting our signature Jalapeno Lemonade, we strive to leave our innovative thumbprint on everything we produce. We vow to breathe a little fire into the wine industry with our devotion to oenophiles and foodies alike.

We were both born and raised in Idaho and we both left Idaho briefly only to return with the conclusion that this is where our hearts belong. We’ve found countless gems in our home-state, including the grapes, peppers, and pumpkins (for our seasonal pumpkin wine) we source from local farmers.

If you have the chance to visit Idaho, we hope you’ll make it our way. We’ll have a glass ready for you.