7 Ways to get rid of a Wine Stain

Mar 6, 2022

How to get rid of a wine stain – 101

A little red wine can give us that nice healthy, happy flush – a dose of liquid social humor and exuberance – and our shirts a carpet a personalized tie-dye look (good, bad, or ugly). It’s bound to happen. When you have pets, kids, or butterfingers, chances are at some point you’ll spill some wine on something. But don’t fret! Here are some tips for fighting those stubborn wine stains from nearly any type of fabric.

Wine Stains

7 ways to get rid of that wine stain:

1. Act Quick!

The longer you wait to treat a wine stain, the longer that stain has to set in. So time, and social engagement allowing, try to get to it now rather than later.

2 Blot Blot Blot!

Blot, don’t rub, as much of that wine up as you can. And start from the outside working your way in. This will avoid the stain from spreading further.

3. Products

There are now several wine stain specific products on the market to choose from. Like Wine Away (it’s also non-toxic!), or Chateau Spill which is available on Amazon (we are not getting money for this link).

4. DIY

• Blot wine stain with a white cloth. It makes it easier to see how much of the red wine is still coming up.

• Flush with COLD water. Hot water will just set the stain.

• Salt it! While we never recommend adding salt to your wine, when it’s served ala’ carpet, this may be a great idea. Some people swear by kosher salt for this step. Kosher salt is flat, while table salt is cubic – meaning the kosher salt has more surface area. The salt will absorb the wine AND lift out the color. Sprinkle salt over the stain, wait 3 minutes, then rinse and blot again. This step can also be tried with Baking Soda.

• Club Soda! This is a one of those things that needs to be seen to be believed. Back in my bartender days this was invaluable. Drinky people tend to spill things, especially when interacting with a giant mob. Most bars have club soda on the gun. Get wine spilled on you, a quick shot of the soda on that wine stain from the gun, and Voila!

5. The Merry Maids Way

Merry Maids home franchise owner Amy Bates cleans red wine stains with these easy-to-do steps:

  1. Blot Blot Blot! and Quick Quick Quick!
  2. Hang the stained area over the top of a large bowl, tightening it to the top of the bowl with a large rubber band.
  3. Pour ice water or chilled club soda through the stain then generously pour salt on top of the wine stained area and let sit for five minutes.
  4. Then pour hot or boiling water onto the stain and let it rinse in the sink. If the stain isn’t gone, add a mixture of water and vinegar to the bowl and soak the fabric.
  5. Toss in the laundry.

6. A Little Hair of the Dog
….or Rubbing Alcohol. After rinsing thoroughly, try dabbing the stain with rubbing alcohol.

7. The hydrogen peroxide / detergent way

Hydrogen Peroxide acts as a mild bleach. Test your fabric in an inconspicuous place first before using this method.

  1. Mix dawn dish detergent and hydrogen peroxide, and add to the wine stain.
  2. Let the stain soak. It should begin to fade.
  3. Toss in the laundry as usual. *if you can’t wash the item right away, be sure to rinse the mixture off thoroughly to prevent damage to the cloth.

Get Wine stains off of carpet and upholstery

Removing a Red Wine Stain

1. Blot Blot Blot! and Quick Quick Quick!

Same as above. Get to it quick and blot it up! Start from the outside working your way in.

2. Spray it, don’t soak it!

Spritz on your chosen cleaning solution. Getting carpet or upholds try too wet can damage it, so keep the solution near the surface as much as possible.

3. Get clean with clean

Use several clean towels or paper towels on the wine stain, instead of using the same one over and over.

4. Squish it

Layer the wine stain with paper towels, put something heavy on it, and let it sit overnight to soak up any leftover moisture.

How to get wine stains out with ingredients from your pantry!

Baking Soda Paste

Like that Instagram face mask – but this actually works and won’t give you chemical burns….

  1. Soak it UP! You know what to do. Dab Dab Dab, then Dab some more.
  2. Add a little cold water, and DAB AGAIN!
  3. Make a paste with 1 part baking soda and 3 parts water. Apply it to the stained area, let dry, then vacuum it up.
  4. If the above doesn’t work, you might need a professional.

Club Soda Rinse

After Blot Blot Blot (sensing a theme here?) – rinse with club soda – not too much, we don’t want to soak – then blot up the club soda.