2021 Thriller Dance Class at Potter Wines

Oct 14, 2021

It was described by no less than the Library of Congress as ‘the most famous music video of all time’.  It was a cultural touchstone, and if you were alive in the mid-eighties there’s a good chance at some point you were dancing to Thriller.  The craziest part is that every year since, right about now, people are still trying to dance like the world’s sexiest zombie.

Now maybe you have a go in the shower, or your bedroom or anywhere you don’t think anyone will see, but there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, there are dozens of us! Dozens!  Likely no one is going to argue the fact that the Thriller dance is objectively awesome, but it goes from awesome to totally sweet when you get a whole room full of people dancing in sync.  You don’t have to be the King of Pop to pull it off either.  Come on down, have a glass or two of your favorite Potter wine for courage and stretch out before your instructor Kelly Dennis shows you how to properly bring the funk. Iconic red leather jacket not included.


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Location: Potter Wines Tasting Room


Costumes encouraged!!